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Surface Feet Per Minute & RPM

Type in the Diameter and SFPM and click Compute to get RPM.
Type in the Diameter and RPM to get the  SFPM.

Diameter (inches) RPM SFPM

Cutter Chip Load & Feed Rate

Type in RPM, No. of  Teeth and Chip Load to get the Feed Rate.
Type in RPM, No. of  Teeth and Feed Rate to get the Chip Load.

RPM Number of Teeth Chip Load Feed Rate (Inches Per Minute)

Inch to Millimeter Converter

Type in either one to get the other.

Inches Millimeters

Fraction to Decimal Converter

(This calculator only converts from fraction to decimal)

Use x / y form for fraction 

Fraction Decimal

NOTE: A small insignificant difference in other calculations may occur, caused by the conversion of the units and the rounding off of numbers.

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